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Access Service

Find out how the council is committed to creating an accessible environment for everyone.

The council is committed to creating an accessible environment for everyone. The Access Service will also take into account the needs of not just disabled people but also mobility impaired, elderly people, parents with children in buggies/prams, visually and hearing impaired and people with mental impairments to improve the quality of life in Wolverhampton for all it's citizens.

1. Key features of the service include:

  • development proposals (eg planning, building regulation, licensing applications and highway improvements)
  • access to the council's buildings
  • General access issues throughout the city to built environment professionals, the council's service groups and the general public

2. Preparation of policies and design guidance on access.

3. The Access Service is responsible for monitoring and commissioning an annual programme of work for highway improvements. These could be:

  • altering and improving motorcycle barriers
  • providing gates with RADAR locks
  • re-surfacing and widening paths
  • producing dropped kerbs and tactile paving at road junctions
  • improving controlled crossings
  • providing handrails to external steps and ramps

4. Consulting with disabled people. The Access Service is in regular contact with disability groups and will set up and facilitate meetings to discuss issues arising and new developments and policies.

5. Promote and educate on the provision of an inclusive built environment.

6. Advise on the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and other legislation, standards and best practice relating to access and social inclusion.

7. Negotiate, advise and persuade people involved in the creation of the built environment to plan, develop and build an environment that is wholly inclusive.

8. Provide design advice to businesses and other services on making the "physical adjustments to buildings" the Equality Act refers to.