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Cemeteries, Crematoria and Memorials

Information, opening times and location of our cemeteries and crematoria including memorial regulations.

  • Universal Memorial Application Form

    Universal memorial application form

  • Beacon Hill Cemetery

    Opened in 1960, Beacon Hill Cemetery provides approximately 11 acres of lawn style graves.

  • Bilston Cemetery

    Opened in 1855, Bilston Cemetery is approximately 15 acres in area. The site is laid out partly in the traditional style with a number of very old and large memorials and also in the lawn style in the newer part.

  • Bushbury Cemetery and Crematorium

    Opened in 1949, Bushbury Cemetery is approximately 40 acres in area and provides a lawn layout style.

  • Danescourt Cemetery

    Danescourt cemetery was opened in 1959 and was originally 9 acres in area, but was extended in 1996 by a further 15 acres to provide long term burial provision.

  • Hall Green Cemetery

    Opened in 1994 as a small community cemetery, being only approximately 7.5 acres in size.

  • Merridale Cemetery

    Opened in 1850 and provides approximately 23 acres of mainly traditional style graves, with a number of very old and large memorials.

  • Penn Cemetery

    Opened in 1993 as a community cemetery, providing approximately 6.5 acres of lawn style graves.